Sustainability & Durability on Display at Builders’ Show

Posted by Administrator on January 19, 2011 at 4:31 pm.

The sustainability and durability of concrete was prominently featured at the 2011 International Builders’ Show last week in Orlando. The PCA booth displayed mock-ups of walls constructed with concrete masonry, insulated precast or cast-in-place panels, insulating concrete forms, and autoclaved aerated concrete. Each display demonstrated the unique benefits of concrete wall systems.
In addition, booth visitors were able to see how permeable and pervious concrete pavements drain stormwater and use a computer kiosk to understand the monthly energy savings of concrete systems compared to conventional frame.
Concrete events at the show proved very popular. Ed Sullivan, PCA chief economist, provided a residential construction forecast for members of the press, which we will report about in tomorrow’s Think Concrete blog. Also, an introductory presentation on concrete homebuilding by Dr. Pieter VanderWerf was well received. Donn Thompson, PCA’s director of low-rise buildings, conducted “The 50% Solution: Simplified Energy Code Compliance with Concrete Wall Systems” on how builders can meet increasingly stringent energy code requirements by eliminating taping, sealing, modified framing, and sub-contractor coordination.